SOOYEE Robotics history

Enterprise history

Our company was set up in July 2013, with Chinese name “成都三译智能技术有限公司”and English name “SOOYEE Robotics Corporation”. But actually the time we manufacture industrial robots is since 2005. At that time, our technical team is in another automation company called GUNT Industrial Co., Ltd,a top famous big automation company in China.Our team took the whole Robot Division out of the company and set up our own robot company SOOYEE Robotics. Now most of our technical team members are from GUNT Industrial Co., Ltd. Our technical team members work together for many years, with strong collaboration mind and cultural foundation.

Our company is located in Economic and technological development zone South one road 999#, Chengdu, China. We are one of China's earliest team for the industrial robot technology research and development and application. Our technical team members have all engaged in projects of industrial robot control system, hardware, software development, as well as industrial robot structural design, transmission machinery design and other research work. All of them have undertook integration projects of intelligent workshops, industrial welding robots and material handling systems and other major projects.

◎We are the council unit for the robot industry alliance of Sichuan Province.

◎We are the council unit for Chengdu Institute of Automation.

◎We are the member unit for Chengdu Intelligent Welding Equipment Association.



Contact: Yang Anqi/Annie Li

Phone: (86)18608022879

Email: /

Add: No.999, Nanyi Road, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone (Longquanyi District), Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.China

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