5 Points You Need to Know for Making CNC Machine Robot Workstation Project

As the development of the 4.0 industry, there is a growing need for CNC lathe machine robot workstations. In the traditional lathe machine processing workstation, the material loading and unloading work are done by human workers.

This kind of manual production process is with low efficiency, expensive labor cost, dangerous conditions for the human.

In the past, there are a lot of tragic cases about human labor injuries in those lathe machine workstations. And also a lot of illness is caused by such a working environment, such as Pneumoconiosis which is an occupational lung disease and a restrictive lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust.

CNC lathe machine robot workstation is a good solution to prevent workers get hurt or illness from the harsh working environment and to realize much better working efficiency with low cost in a long run. There is an inevitable trend to replace human labor with automatic industrial robots in the lathe machine processing industry.

What informations are needed from the final user clients for making the CNC machine robot workstation? Here are 5 main pieces of information needed.

1. About the machine tools

What are the dimensions of A, B, C, D, E, and guard doors in the following picture?

Please note that to upgrade the CNC machine robot workstation, the CNC machine has to meet the following conditions.:

. The CNC lathe needs to be with transformation value.
. CNC machine tool clamping fixture is required to be an automatic clamping fixture (hydraulic chuck or pneumatic chuck) which can be controlled by the robot.
. The CNC machine protection door needs to be the automatic door.

2. About workpiece
What's the drawings the workpiece after finishing processing (including finished product tolerance range)?
What's the rough workpiece drawings (including rough product tolerance range)?
What's the weight of the rough workpiece?

what material is the workpiece made of?

3. About machining working process technology
What's the specific product processing working procedures and techniques?
How many processing steps are there?
What's the specific processing content of each processing steps?
What's the time of each processing steps?
What's the clamping ways and clamping positions of each processing steps on the machine tool, such as clamping the outer circle or holding the inner hole?
Should the workpiece be clamped in a certain settled direction?

4. About product feeding and unloading stock bin platform
Does the client need automatic loading or unloading materials from the material stock bin?
Or does the client only need manually placing workpiece on the material stock bin plate?

5. About the processed iron filings
Will the workpiece be entangled by the iron filings?

What is the shape of the iron filings? For example granular, strip, filamentous etc.?

To integrate the robot with CNC machine, there are 5 main pieces of information are needed from the end users for robot integrators to make analysis and offer the solution for the final user clients. Those pieces of information about machine tools, workpiece, machining working process technology, stock bin platform, processed iron filings. CNC machine robot workstation can help factories to realize lower production and labor cost, higher production quality, higher efficiency, safer working environment.

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