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SOOYEE 6 Axis Industrial Robot Arm

SOOYEE(SY) series of multi axies industrial robots are super cost-effective with payload 3kg 5kg, 6kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 60kg, 80kg, etc. Our products are widely applied in machine tool loading and unloading, welding, palletizing,material handling, deburring, spraying etc. We have more than 20 patents and intellectual property rights.

The advantages are : highly cost-effective, well-knit structure, flexibility, high reliability, easy maintenance.



Contact: Yang Anqi/Annie Li

Phone: (86)18608022879

Email: anqiyang@hitsooyee.com / annielii@hitsooyee.com

Add: No.999, Nanyi Road, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone (Longquanyi District), Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.China

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